CPO @ Workers Benefit Fund & Founder of the Innovation Lab
I founded our technology incubator focused on building platforms that helped gig workers access their life changing benefits.

Co-Founder @ Clanet.io
Clanet is on a mission to preserve the rich cultural heritage of an entire generation of gamers. We provide a platform for gaming historians to immortalize their own exploits and document important player driven moments such as the Bloodbath of B-R5RB in Eve, the Corrupted Blood Incident in WoW, the Murder of Lord British in UO, and many more.

Advisor @ LIV
LIV is the creator of Mixed Reality, a new form of immersive digital content where the player is composited into the game world on the fly. Our videos have achieved over half a billion views on YouTube and we were viral on the front page of Reddit 5 times in 2018.

Product @ Amazon / Twitch
Created & managed Twitch’s flagship Pulse product that launched on the front page to hundreds of millions of users. Pulse is a broadcaster communications tool that allows streamers & gamers to communicate with each other in new and meaningful ways on the platform.

TechCrunch – Twitch introduces Pulse, its very own gamer news feed.

Product @ Facebook
Ran Facebook’s multi-Billion dollar Canvas games product.

COO @ Balanced Worlds (Acquired by Kabam)
Balanced Worlds was a gaming technology company with the mission of creating a new standard of visual fidelity for 3D games on the web. We produced both our own independent titles & games for THQ. The company was acquired by Kabam in 2012. Kabam was acquired by NetMarble in December 2016.

Venture Beat – Kabam Acquires Balanced Worlds
Tech Crunch – Gaming company Kabam’s roller coaster ride to an $800 million exit

Co-Founder @ Argine Consulting
Data driven product management consulting geared towards helping developers monetize their products. We successfully helped propel “High Noon” to the #1 rank on the iOS Charts through improving overall app design and app fidelity of their product.