Korea and ITSGAME 2010

Wow, what a trip! I just got back from KOCCA’s ITSGAME 2010 conference. Really interesting to see the difference in Korean gaming products and the mainland Chinese gaming products. The Korean games on the whole were of higher quality that what is generally available here in China but in someways not as advanced.

For the most part, the Korean developers were far more focused on downloadable content. The whole “web game” phenomena that is here in China game development doesn’t to be nearly as powerful in Korea. I’m assuming this is because of how fast the Korean internet is, people simply don’t mind downloading a gigabyte of data to play a pet game. China on the other hand is all about the web games and removing all barriers to entry to get the players playing.

Another thing interesting fact is that there was a much higher portion of Korean developers focusing on MMOs for Children under 15. These games were all free to play, downloadable client games with virtual goods economies.

All in the all, the conference went well. The KOCCA guys did a great job at organizing the event and I’ll be back next year for sure. I’ll also hopefully be making another trip to Korea soon to meet more developers!

Photo’s coming to the gallery right after this post!


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