High Noon – A Lesson in Monetization

For a while I’ve been meaning to update my portfolio with a game I consulted on last year. While more than a year has passed, the game is still going strong with frequent updates from its developers. More impressive is how well it’s monetizing!

In April of 2010 I was asked to consult on a gem of a game called High Noon. Created by the Happylatte guys in Beijing, this was an iPhone, free-to-play, MMO game set in the Wild West. High Noon had some very addictive game features that peaked my interest quickly, things like; holstering your “rifle” (or iPhone!), a skill based bounty system, and it was free to play to play.

I was asked to come into this project during the final months of development to share some of my online gaming and free to play expertise with the team. During my time there I worked with them on the general game design, creating a content roadmap, setting the item pricing, UI flow, while keeping the goal of our near launch date in site.

Great project and I really couldn’t say enough about what a pleasure it was to do, my hats off to the guys over at Happylatte for their success on this game.

Some of the games more notable achievements include:
• Achieved the top 10 grossing iPhone game of 2010 in over 60+ countries according to Apple Rewind 2010.
• Top 10 game in 50+ countries.
• Top 100 game in 80+ countries.
• Over 12,000+ 5-star reviews.

Really looking forward to see the next games these guys come out with. You can see a few snippets and images of the game in my portfolio. Or you can download the game for free on your iTouch or iPhone device here.


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